Travel Fund Application Guidelines

GRAB Student Travel Fund (2017 Fall - 2018 Spring, 2018 Summer)

EAHR and GRAB want to encourage graduate students in the department to pursue and present scholarly work in conferences. Scholarship funds have been established to help students for this purpose.

Fall 2017: Open dates from September 20, 2017 – December 31, 2017
Spring 2018: Open dates from January 1, 2018 – May 31, 2018
Summer 2018: Open dates from June 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018

※Note: the summer travel fund is not guaranteed and only available when the money is not fully expended through the Fall-Spring semester. 

Travel Funds:

Conference travel funds will be awarded on a competitive basis to applicants only after they have submitted the online application form and emailed GRAB the required supporting documents.

Funding Procedure:

GRAB has travel funds available for graduate students who have received acceptance letters for conferences. The total travel fund provided to GRAB from EAHR is $17,000 and ideally, will be equally divided among the four program areas: K-12, EHRD, Higher Ed., and Adult Ed. For the 2017-18 academic year.

Applicants can be funded twice as maximum within an academic school year but benefits from the second time can be limited depending on the overall budget situation. Acceptance letter from the conference and proof of submission, e.g. a pdf file of manuscript must be uploaded to GRAB application or it will not be considered (scanned and electronic copies only). Your complete application must be received within 14 days after receipt of conference acceptance letter.

Types of Funding and Application Requirements:

Application packets for the travel fund will be evaluated based on the following categories:

  • Type of presentation (Full paper/poster/other)

            - Full paper submission (or Round table if there is no full-paper session): Authors or the presenter for the paper can apply but only one applicant from the same paper can be funded. However, in case there are few applicants and the budget is available, the maximum two applicants can be funded. The maximum fund per applicant is $500 for a domestic travel and $700 for an international travel.

            - Poster/Abstract/Etc.: Only one applicant can be funded, no matter how many authors are involved. The maximum fund per applicant is $400 for ONLY domestic travel. (international travel CANNOT be funded).

  • Type of conference (major conference in field, other conferences)
  • Priority will be given to first-time conference presenters
  • Present a Poster of your presentation in GRAB Symposium


If you are currently working as an employee of TAMU (e.g., Graduate assistant, Student technician, and so on), you MUST submit your “Concur” leave request before the travel. In addition, For ALL International travel the student MUST contact the Study Abroad office prior to traveling to insure that all required travel approvals are submitted.  

Failure to do so will result in the denial of any travel reimbursement for international travel. You will need to secure the approval email from the Study Abroad Office which must be submitted with your expense report.

Travel Grant for First-Time Participants:

GRAB support first-time, non-presenter with travel grant of $300. Due to the limited resources, however, applicants will be awarded on a competition basis.


  • Full-time Ph.D. Student only.
  • Must be enrolled in the academic year
  • Must be affiliated in EAHR dept.
  • First time conference in the Ph.D. program.
  • Priority will be given to the student during the coursework (i.e., Not Ph.D. candidate)
  • Priority will be given to the student in first year
  • Applicants should submit to the treasurer a document explaining:
    How will the conference participation benefit your academic career? / How is this conference contributing to EAHR dept. or your program by participation?

Covered Expenses:


Students could choose one of those transportation means:

Flight: Reservation must be booked for economy class only
Train: Same as flight reservation
Rental Car: same or below intermediate level

Conference hotel or equivalent
* It’s suggested that you share a room with other students if possible as a cost saving measure.
Conference registration fee only
Incidental Expenses
By prior agreement only
Expenses for meals are not able to be funded.


If you have any further questions, please contact the treasurer or any of GRAB members.

GRAB Travel and Research Grant Fund Representative: JIN LEE, or

Documentation after Approval:

Please note you are required to provide your original receipts, airline tickets, and other travel documents upon return from the conference travel. If you fail to do so, you will not be reimbursed any money even if you are approved, and you will not be eligible for any further funding from GRAB or EAHR. A brief letter (not to exceed 500 typed words) MUST be included with the materials listed above explaining how your development and the mission of the EAHR Department were furthered by attending and presenting at this particular conference. The relevance of your attending and presenting at this conference should be made clear in your letter. Turn in all these documents in a single, complete packet to Susan Sassano within 10 days of returning from your conference. 

Susan Sassano

EAHR, Texas A&M University
511 Harrington Tower, 4226 TAM U
College Station, TX 77843-4226



Travel Fund Application