The acronym "G.R.A.B." stands for Graduate Representative Advisory Board for the Educational Administration and Human Resource Development Department (EAHR). Established in the fall of 2000, the elected member of GRAB serve as liaisons between:

  • graduate students in the EAHR department
  • the department administration
  • the College of Education
  • the University


GRAB exists to foster open communication between students and the department, as well as to provide a platform for social interaction.You might ask yourself, "What can GRAB do for me?" There are four answers to that question:

  • GRAB provides in information about events and happenings in the Department, College, and University.
  • We plan social events and happy hours to provide you and others with networking opportunities.
  • We support and act as an advocate for your concerns about the Department, College, and University.
  • We provide a platform for the open exchange of research.