mission statement

I. Mission statement:

To develop and continuously enhance communication between the EAHR graduate student body and faculty/staff, as a representative advisory body, through facilitation of academic and social events, within the framework of the Departmental mission.

II. Roles and responsibilities for GRAB in the department:

  1. Provide a channel for feedback from the graduate student population in general (including the distance students) and the GA's in particular to the department. This includes, but is not limited to: 
    • serving on departmental executive committee and faculty meetings
    • serving on Grad Student Advisory Council for the College
    • participating in and providing input into faculty searches
    • facilitating faculty and staff nominations for AFS awards
    • recommending how computer dollars are spent
    • sourcing constructive feedback from students on how programs are working for them, how good the overall advising is (Joyce, Clarice, etc), how to improve the new student orientations, and what policies and procedures are barriers to a better educational experience
    • providing feedback to the department head as needed.
  2. Serve as a liaison to all students in the department by maintaining a web site with relevant information and periodically e-mailing the student population
  3. Provide a community of support for the students, e.g.:
    • brown bag lunches and research forums
    • socials
    • assisting on the organization of new student orientations
    • assisting in organizing bi-annual, department-wide social events 
  4. Make recommendations regarding financial aid for student participation in conferences

III. Internal roles and responsibilities:

  1. President serves on departmental executive committee
  2. Dedicated representative for GSAC
  3. Dedicated e-mail / communication officer
  4. Dedicated social chair
  5. Dedicated treasurer
  6. Rotating secretary
  7. Rotating meeting-facilitator
  8. (Correspond regularly with) dedicated GSC representative